Videography services are essential in today’s business arena because they both educate and generate interest, attention, and sales. Video and audio are effective in commercials, voiceover montages, and especially on the internet. In today’s digital age, both conventional and online businesses recognize the benefits that come from videography services. Marketing Puget Sound (MPS) has years of experience producing and editing commercial videos and can provide you with superior videography services to match your needs.

Are you looking for additional ways to increase your sales and productivity? Among the services we offer are Commercial Shoots, Voice Over, and Video for SEO. Check out our quality videography service options and let us find the right service for you.


Commercial Shoots

Conventional television commercials continue to be an effective way for companies to advertise their products. Radio and TV commercials can build visibility and awareness for your business. But a good videography service will go a step further than just shooting television and radio commercials. You need a service provider who can produce video commercials for the web, as well as radio and TV. MPS can help you design and broadcast videos to expand your market reach and reach consumers who want everything on-demand. We produce professional commercial shoots that attract consumer interest. You’ll gain high visibility and exposure with MPS webmercials and webcasting commercial shoots.


Voice-Over Narration (Radio & Montage)

In radio and video montages, professional voice-over narration effectively communicates your company’s message in a way that commands attention and displays quality. Our professional videography service provides skilled voice-over narrators for radio advertisements and other announcements and promotion. We’ll help you create the right script to compliment your collection of images so your video montage will engage the audience. Take advantage of Marketing Puget Sound’s quality voice-over services and make sure your message is heard.


Two-Minute Custom Story

A two-minute custom story can reap many rewards in the world of advertising but only if you value your audience’s time and use it wisely. Even big businesses with deep pockets have to compete for consumers’ attention. Your company’s advertising and marketing activities must project a clear and concise message. Not only should your story or message be memorable, but in most cases, it must be brief. Marketing Puget Sound (MPS) has expert Videography Services that help with all your radio, television, and internet broadcasting. Whether you want to produce an effective training video or shoot a promo for a product or service, we can help you—from inception, script, production, editing and distribution—all within your budget and schedule. Our professionals will work with you to produce a custom two-minute story that is short, sweet and to the point.


Montage Video Development     

The creative multimedia team at Marketing Puget Sound (MPS) is ready to provide you with a host of videography services. Our expert montage video developers work to create and quality corporate and product videos, utilizing your existing graphic content and creating new pieces, editing them skillfully to communicate your message. Smart companies use videos as a form of marketing to give their business a competitive edge. MPS knows that a professional video montage must be of the highest quality in order to be effective. Blurry shots, shaky cameras, and poor editing distract from the message and image you want to convey. We have skilled videographers who are passionate about producing only the highest quality montage videos that will communicate YOUR message.


Video for SEO         

Are you looking to maximize the potential of the web through the use of quality videography? If so, you need a company that implements SEO strategies as part of their video marketing. It wasn’t that long ago that phrases like webmercials, webcasting, and web pods didn’t even exist. Now, online videos are one of the most effective methods of communicating information. That is why, if you want to increase visitors to your site and make sure your message is seen and heard, well-tested SEO techniques must be included in the videos and their distribution. Videos are used effectively for corporate and promotion, training and support, information resources, and public awareness. Whatever the purpose, well-crafted videos have the power to capture and hold the attention of your target audience. Use Marketing Puget Sound’s videography services to both communicate your company’s message to your target audience and to raising your web site’s search engine rankings and increase traffic to your site.


Inexpensive 30-Second Montage Videos

Inexpensive 30-second montage videos are a cost-effective way to deliver a targeted message to your customers. Marketing Puget Sound’s clients have found how much more effective a montage can be than simply displaying a single image. MPS continues to embrace new trends in marketing related technology.Our creative team knows how to make good use of time and space. We can turn photos and video into an awesome slideshow and effective video montage. Your inexpensive 30-second montage will be a memorable and attractive visual display. We’re not limited to training slide shows and videos of special events. We combine sharp editing skills with strategic marketing concepts. MPS can arrange your visual montage so the information we present appeals to your audience and delivers your message in a memorable way.



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