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How visible is your business online? Are you showing up on Google’s search results page when people are searching for your type of business? Online is the number one way people search for products and services. It’s not enough to have a website, you need people to see your website. Increased traffic to your website will result in increased sales. Our goal is to make internet marketing accessible to every business, regardless of their budget.

For your company to be found online, strategic SEO concepts must be applied to your business marketing, website content, and online advertising. Search engine optimization relies on relevant key words and phrases that people use when searching and these key words and phrases must be relevant. How well does your business currently show up in the Google search results? Are your potential clients and customers able to locate you on Bing, Yahoo and other search engines?

Marketing Puget Sound (MPS) uses a number of highly effective SEO techniques to boost your position higher on the search engine results page. We focus on increasing visitors to your website with organic traffic. MPS realizes that SEO is not simply a matter of randomly saturating your web content with untargeted key words.   SEO companies who resort to tricks and unethical activities don’t fool the search engines and they produce no results. Keyword stuffing and other tactics only serve to short change SEO clients and annoy their visitors.

Our highly trained SEO experts possess the knowledge and experience to apply successful SEO principles. We offer useful SEO services such as: Content Optimization, Website Structure Optimization, Link Optimization, Dynamic Content Optimization, Meta Data Optimization and more. Let us help your company get to the top of the list, on the first page of the user’s search results. This will ultimately generate more leads, sales, and revenue for your company.

Marketing Puget Sound offers both Local SEO and National SEO services. Contact our SEO specialists for a consultation today!