You’ve invested time and money to create a web site where your customers can find out  about the products and services you offer. Now you just need to get them to come. While SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is crucial to building long-term “organic” traffic to your site, Pay-per-click (PPC) is a cost-effective way to quickly bring qualified visitors to your site and get the word out.

Marketing Puget Sound (MPS) will help you set up a targeted marketing plan to give your web site instant visibility. Using Google’s AdWords or Bing’s AdCenter, we’ll help you plan which search engine visitors you want to reach (i.e. what “keywords” the visitors are using), as well as ad headlines and copy, landing pages on your web site, geographical targets, and other factors. MPS can set up the right Pay-Per-Click program tailored to your company and your online marketing goals. We then closely monitor the results to see what works best so we can constantly improve your ad campaign and bring more customers to your business.

Advantages of Our PPC Campaigns:

  • Get visibility in search engines (SE) and valuable SE real estate
  • Gain exposure to consumers who are prepared to make a purchase
  • You pay for only focused ad results
  • Your advertising bids and keywords are optimized for best results
  • Continual monitoring to determine effectiveness of PPC ads
  • Modify ads as needed to match your overall marketing strategy and to ensure the highest ROI
  • Monthly comprehensive reports

We work hard to determine the marketing plan that is most cost-effective for your business. Our PPC advertising specifically targets internet users who are searching for what your company offers. We’ll help you develop landing pages that match those keywords and convert to sales.

We monitor and analyze reports to achieve the best results, then we duplicate our efforts so you’ll soon see an increase in your traffic and a boost in your sales. We’ll show you why Pay-Per-Click advertising can be the ultimate internet marketing solution for your business.

If you are currently running PPC campaigns, MPS will study the results of your current campaigns to improve their effectiveness. We focus on optimizing your content to help increase the performance of your ads. Let MPS show you the right way to run your PPC campaigns.



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