When potential customers search on the web for businesses like yours, they don’t just look for companies offering a particular product or service: they want a business that they’ll be happy with, that provides good service to satisfied customers. To judge that, people look at reviews – articles, forum and social media posts, and customer reviews on sites like Yelp. One bad review can hurt your reputation and cause potential customers to choose the next business listed in the search engine results rather than yours.

Marketing Puget Sound can’t eliminate all bad reviews but we can work with you to:

  • Make negative citations appear lower in search engines and
  • Increase the number and rankings of positive reviews in those same search engines

By managing and monitoring your online profiles and by participating in discussions where your business is a topic, we can respond quickly to negative reviews and help you amplify the positive ones.

First we create a list of relevant websites, online directories, and forums where your business is currently mentioned or is relevant to the service you offer. We update existing listings, fix inaccuracies, remove duplicates, and create new profiles where necessary.

Next, we monitor these sites and the web overall for negative reviews and to uncover online information related to your company, products, and services. When something negative turns up, we’ll discuss with you how to respond. One way to do this is to emphasize the positive reviews and make them more prominent.

We offer this valuable service because it is crucial to a company’s business. Reputation management can be key to the success or failure of your company. Your image and brand depend on whether your business is viewed in a positive or negative way.

Research and monitoring enable Marketing Puget Sound to see how your business is perceived online and to determine what improvements are needed. We can build a successful reputation management campaign based on your company’s goals. Our aim is to defend your reputation and help you control the online information that is posted about you. Let us help your company improve or maintain a positive reputation.




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