Google Places Optimization

Google Places (also called “Google Maps” or “Google Local”) optimization is one of the most effective marketing factors for local businesses. Google is the most popular method today for finding local businesses, and Google Places is the way to have your business show up when potential clients look for your type of business in your geographic area. An effective listing in Google Places also helps your main website show up in Google and other online searches.

Marketing Puget Sound (MPS) knows how to get your business listed and verified on Google Places so it will get the best results. Our expert SEO staff understands the do’s and don’t’s of properly setting up your Google Places listing. We’ll make sure your company, business, or service is not just listed correctly but with photos and details that will help you rank higher in search results and attract customers that bring you business.

MPS will make sure your business entry correctly categorizes your business, displays hours of operation, types of accepted payments, and company reviews. All these things mean a better user experience for your visitors, and help you show up better for your key search terms.

Google Places is one of the many ways that Marketing Puget Sound helps business clients like you achieve high search engine visibility. Our clients appreciate seeing their business show up in Google Places.  Many of them, however, don’t realize that Google Places is one factor that can help them attain their web site attain top positioning in Google’s main search results.  Our team of SEO professionals can work closely with you to make a well-optimized Google Places listing part of an overall SEO strategy that will mean more traffic and revenue for your business.



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