New Plans for Marketing Puget Sound Leaked!

Blog, Design, Digital Marketing, E-Commerce, Inbound Marketing, Social Media, Strategy | August 21st, 2015

We’ve been approached several times in the past few months from friends and colleagues asking us, “What’s new with MPS?” And we would reply with a smile and, “Oh, you know, the same ol’, same ol’. Busy with lots of projects and awesome clients!” But something has been weighing heavy on our shoulders and, well, it’s confession time. Yes, we’ve been keeping a secret. Although we were careful with undercover meetings and worked feverishly in the quiet shadows, it was inevitable that the truth would soon reveal itself… and that the world would know what Marketing Puget Sound has really been up to…. Continue Reading →

Snapchat Marketing Takes It to a “Brand” New Level

Blog | August 17th, 2015

Snapchat has become a top tier platform when it comes to social media, up there with the likes of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. With the launch of Snapchat Discover and the “Stories” users have to opportunity to share and interact on a whole different level. A concept that brands can really capitalize on if done the right way. Before taking the plunge with your own company, there are a few things you need to consider. Know Your Audience It’s important to know the audience you’re trying to reach down to the very core. Just because Snapchat may be the new… Continue Reading →

Bobbie Bailey Selected on Business Examiner’s 40 under Forty List

Blog | July 23rd, 2015

This year’s “40 Under Forty” list of prominent business people under the age of forty has been released by the South Puget Sound’s Business Examiner and none other than our own Bobbie Bailey was selected! The list, which has been published by Business Examiner since 2003 features the most influential professionals and community leaders in the Southern Puget Sound Region. Along with Bobbie, some of this year’s recipients includes other successful business owners, philanthropists, and educators. The “40 Under Forty” selections come from nominations made by peers, then chosen by an alumni panel of judges. According to the site, “Each class of 40… Continue Reading →

How Marketing Greek Tourism Could Help Mend their Economy

Blog | July 16th, 2015

The economic crisis in Greece is getting all sorts of media attention as a seemingly solution-less depression with no clear signs of slowing down soon. There are many reasons for the problem, and it has been a long time coming for the country. Greek citizens are unsure of what will happen next and it’s an unnerving situation for everyone that is directly affected by the crisis. A long-term solution may be far away, but for now, a reliable source of money is one that has been there for decades: tourism. How They Got Here Financial crises are rarely linear and usually… Continue Reading →

U.S. Open Marketing Techniques Reach New Levels for FOX

Blog | July 13th, 2015

Over the past four days, the world has watched as Chambers Bay Golf Course hosted the 2015 U.S. Open golf tournament. The event has been anticipated since it was announced that it was coming to Tacoma in 2007. In the six months leading up to the tournament, FOX Sports launched a major U.S. Open marketing campaign to gain viewers in their inaugural coverage of the event. The campaign, which was hailed as one of the largest ever, began in January and continued up until the the tournament. Marketing Tactics In an article written by FOX they called their work to promote the tournament,… Continue Reading →

Experience #TacomaStrong Seminar 2 – Infusing Growth

Blog | June 15th, 2015

Experience Tacoma is a non-profit that is very close to Marketing Puget Sound. Experience Tacoma is dedicated to bringing Tacoma’s small business districts together in order to work towards the common goal of raising awareness for all of the amazing things this city has to offer. The seminar series was created to promote, organize, and advocate for Tacoma businesses, allowing the economy to grow. Being a local business ourselves, we believe that there is much to be learned from reaching out those in the community who own businesses as well — this event provides a forum for just that. We aim to… Continue Reading →

SEO: A Tacoma Marketing Firm Intern’s Lesson

Blog | June 4th, 2015

SEO is an umbrella term for creating impactful keywords that will deliver search results for potential customers that want to learn more about a company. It sounds straight forward, but people can type any random combination of words into their Google search bar and choosing the words that will lead them to your website is often hard to nail down. Keywords in Titles If MPS is trying to boost their website traffic through SEO, they may want to use keywords such as “Tacoma marketing firm” or “Puget Sound marketing.” These words will undoubtedly link MPS with prospective clients. However, if someone… Continue Reading →

Why Athletes are Beneficial to The Workforce

Blog, Design, Digital Marketing, Marketing Monday, Strategy | May 15th, 2015

Countless scientific studies have proven that playing a sport can add many benefits to one’s life. One unexpected benefit for an athletic enthusiast is a leg up when it comes to scoring that dream job! More and more employers are finding that applicants with a sports background make great employees. Does that mean you have to be a former Olympian or a retired professional football player to be first on the hiring list? Absolutely not! The Cornell Chronicle of Cornell University says, “Research with current workers and with retirees tell us: Participation in competitive youth sports ‘spills over’ to occupationally advantageous traits that… Continue Reading →

Break-up of the Century: Microsoft Dumps Internet Explorer!

Blog, Digital Marketing, Internet Facts, Web Development | March 20th, 2015

Microsoft Dropping the Browser Brand of Internet Explorer in Order to Compete is Great News for Website Designers By: Trang Nguyen | MPS Blogger Internet Explorer is like the last kid to be picked in gym class when it comes to Internet browsers. For years now, it has taken a back seat to Safari, Firefox, and Chrome to just name a few. If you really think about it, when was the last time you used Internet Explorer by choice? So it was no surprise when Microsoft recently announced that it would be dropping the Internet Explorer brand and moving in… Continue Reading →

Patient Portal Marketing | Marketing Puget Sound

Blog, Digital Marketing, Strategy, Web Development | February 23rd, 2015

Why it is Important to Market your Website’s Patient Portal   By: MPS Writer clients we work with are in healthcare, from chiropractors to dentists and even facial surgeons. As we work to build new websites and redesign old ones for these specific clients, we find that requests for patient portals are becoming more and more common. Patient Portals vary in their functionality, but some allow patients to view their information, request appointments, view test results, make payments and overall have greater access to all of their health information. The concept is to engage people to be more involved and aware of their… Continue Reading →



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