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Three Maxims of Good Logo Design

What makes a good logo? Well, the answer will depend on who you ask. If you ask ten different people, I bet you will get ten different opinions on what makes one logo better than another. This subjectivity is both the beauty and the challenge of design-truly ‘good’ design transcends style trends as well as personal preferences. Constantly striving towards this ideal is one of the main things that keeps me inspired in my work each day. So, how does one go about developing a logo that surpasses subjectivity? I have developed three central maxims that have become my logo-design mantra: Memorable, Meaningful, and Unmistakable.   Memorable A great logo makes a strong impression. It is simple enough to be remembered easily, and unique enough to be recognized across different applications and environments. This memorable quality can be achieved many ways: perhaps the shape of the mark is striking and… Continue Reading →

Blog / Design / September 23rd, 2014


Media Campaigns that Embody #PositiveByDesign

Positivity is something that we choose. #PositiveByDesign encompasses just that. With every situation we face, there is the opportunity to design the path we wish to take. Will we opt to focus on the positives or take on a more negative approach? Here at Marketing Puget Sound, we believe that positive thinking gives us a “Happy Advantage”, which was inspired by Shawn Achor’s TEDx talk on positive psychology. He explained that our brain at positive allows for a higher potential for happiness, productivity, energy and creativity. With so much to gain and nothing to lose, MPS has chosen to launch #PositiveByDesign, a campaign focusing on increasing happiness and positivity in all aspects.

Blog / Design / Marketing Monday / September 15th, 2014


WordPress CMS Case Study: Cascade Regional Blood Services

Organization: Cascade Regional Blood Services Timeframe of Project: April 2014 – May 2014   It’s very possible that you’ve seen their logo, or have actually donated with them. Since 1946, Cascade Regional Blood Services (CRBS) has provided blood to Multicare Health System and Franciscian Health System hospitals and clinics in the Pierce and South King County. Their old website was built in a dated web environment, which had become increasingly difficult for managing & updating content, and left the site vulnerable to hacking.      

Blog / Web Development / July 16th, 2014


Marketing Entrepreneur on Managing to Have ‘It All’

Author: Bobbie Bailey Founder & President of Marketing Puget Sound It’s a great time to be a female entrepreneur, even while being a mom of [nearly] two now—and the founder and president of my Tacoma-based marketing agency. Our family will expand this Fall with the arrival of daughter, Parker Jewel. She will join myself and husband, Chris, and our 6 1/2-year-old son, Ayden. People often speculate, and on occasion even ask, “How do you successfully run a business, have love in your marriage and not have someone raising your children for you? Don’t get me wrong, I have my share of exhausting days, but for the most part I’ve developed a great system to man­age my time and have what— I feel —is “it all”! Work-life integration is pivotal, if not the new norm, for working females. I feel it’s more than a mindset; it has to be a lifestyle in… Continue Reading →

Blog / June 25th, 2014

Wanna Cupcake New Website Design

Wanna Cupcake? Hires MPS to Build New Website

Pretty excited about this announcement, personally! This week we’ve been communicating with the owner of Wanna Cupcake?, Jim Romano, to finalize the details of his project for a new website design. Wanna Cupcake? is a local bakery located in Puyallup, WA and has been open for business for the past few years. Don’t misunderstand the name of the company, as this business is much more than just cupcakes! In fact, have you checked out their Facebook page? The team at Wanna Cupcake? can seriously pump out some amazing specialty cake designs, wedding cakes and a beautiful array of cupcakes and cake pops. At this moment, you wouldn’t be able to see their full scope of services on their website which was developed a few years ago on a platform that doesn’t have the most user-friendly CMS. To touch again on my very first statement – I am a huge fan of cupcakes… Continue Reading →

Blog / Design / E-Commerce / Web Development / June 16th, 2014

Custom Website Design - Blue Mouse Theatre Tacoma

Considerations for a Custom Website Design

In the world of website design, people fall into two categories: those who design websites, and those who use them. Though website visitors are the most important critic, too many designers build visually appealing websites without keeping user functionality in mind.   When we create a custom website design at Marketing Puget Sound, we develop it for the user’s experience.  Our website developers and content writers aim to keep things simple, intentional, and most of all, user friendly.   Our web developers, Ryan and Annika, were asked what they considered most important when creating a custom website design. They agreeably replied, “design with a purpose, and don’t waste the user’s time.” That being said, there are a few considerations that all developers need to think about when building a custom website design.   Compatibility Users access websites from various browsers on computers, phones, tablets, and other devices. Make sure that… Continue Reading →

Blog / Web Development / May 1st, 2014

Facebook & Twitter adding Value

Add Value To Your Twitter and Facebook Marketing Campaigns

  Just because you might use Facebook or Twitter all day long, doesn’t mean that you necessarily have the insight you need to market your business using these platforms. Both Facebook and Twitter are unique and should be used differently to market to your customers. Throwing a ton of money at pay-per-click ads or spamming your customers several times a day on Twitter and Facebook won’t give you the ROI you need to justify spending your marketing dollars. You need to be intentional with how you interact with your customers on these platforms, and even more than that, you need to provide value to your customers What Is Value? We all think that we know what “value” means, but we don’t all market that way. Sure, value can be a coupon, discount or a huge sale that you announce to your customers, but it’s not always realistic to constantly bombard your… Continue Reading →

Blog / May 1st, 2014

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Get Viewer Retention with Easter Eggs

With mounting competition as more and more businesses go online, what will make you retain the customers and visits you get to your website? Paying attention to the details. Leave them some online Easter eggs! Online Tools, Wizards, & Secret Codes for Existing Websites Give your viewers an online Easter egg hunt this year. Leave little treats for them to find throughout your website. Build campaigns around interactive widgets that relate to your services. They should be simple and easy or fun to use, possibly even functional. Some examples we’ve seen work are online bidding systems, estimates wizard, or survey tools. But don’t stop there! Give the customer success animations as a reward for spending the time to complete the process. You can also add widgets that give real-time information, like weather reports or gas prices. Contact us for a Free Consultation on building one for your website! Here is an… Continue Reading →

Blog / April 8th, 2014

Decrease Bounce Rate

Top 3 Tips To Decrease the Bounce Rate of Your Website

Nobody wants to perform for an empty concert hall. Even worse, you don’t want your audience to leave early. You have something important to say, but how you say it is just as important as what you say. How do you keep your customers engaged and keep them from leaving early? One of the most important metrics in determining the effectiveness of your website messaging is your “bounce rate.” The bounce rate is a measurement that reflects the percentage of visitors that enter your site and leave instead of continuing on to other pages on your site. It’s basically measuring how much of your audience is leaving early.  So, how do you lower your bounce rate? While there is no silver bullet that works in every single case, here are some basic tips to decrease the bounce rate of your website.  1. Hone your inbound keywords to deliver what your visitors… Continue Reading →

Blog / Inbound Marketing / SEO / April 3rd, 2014

Facebook Screenshot

Why did Facebook Change Their Layout? …Again?

Imagine coming home after a strenuous day at work just to discover that a phantom slid into your home and rearranged all your furniture, some of it gone and some of it moved. That phantom was Facebook. When you realize that Facebook is rolling out a new design for business pages, you might experience a sense of betrayal and frustration. Just rest assured that there is a reason for the invasion; that reason is the smartphone in your pocket. The Marriage of Mobile and Desktop   With new smartphones hitting the market in constant rhythm, the mobile trends in communication just keep swelling. Facebook’s new cosmetics glow with mobile-friendly changes like single columns, new fonts, bigger fonts, and a finishing blush that could push users to like your page. Content in one column: Arguably the most notable change to your business page is the migration of your content from a… Continue Reading →

Blog / March 31st, 2014