The city of Bellevue lies across Lake Washington from Seattle in the heart of the Pacific Northwest. Over recent decades it has grown from a Seattle suburb to a thriving city in its own right, claiming the title of second largest city center in Washington State. It is famous for its tech industry, a multitude of public parks, healthy lifestyle, and its highly educated populace.

Marketing in Bellevue is an excellent investment. Campaigns can reach the 122,000 people that call the city home, as well as the 35,000 that work in the city center, not to mention day-trippers from nearby Seattle, Redmond, and Kirkland. As the 6th wealthiest community in the state, Bellevue is a large market well worth tapping into.

Beyond the Northwest, advertising and branding in Bellevue possesses the potential for global reach. Demographically it is a cosmopolitan city, with a large percentage of the population foreign born. Commercially, companies in Bellevue do business across the nation and throughout the globe, interacting with national and international companies on a daily basis.

All signs indicate that growth in Bellevue will continue to thrive. It is consistently distinguished as one of the up and coming cities in the nation. CNN Money has called it the best place in America to live and start a company, and it has also been ranked the 4th best place to live in the country.

Effectively tapping into this growing market requires strategies that are aware of Bellevue’s unique environment. Marketers must think local, and they must appeal to the city’s identity. Bellevue is a gorgeous place to live and a lucrative place to do business. This means two things.

First, it is a city familiar with brand recognition. Starbucks, Microsoft, and Boeing are among the most recognizable brands in the world, and each of them is based nearby. Companies looking to capitalize on the Bellevue market must recognize the city’s exposure to established brands, and they must brand their own products aggressively.

Second, the Northwest is famous for its tech savvy, and Bellevue is a large part of the reason why. In addition to Microsoft, Amazon, Expedia, and Nintendo of America are based within the city or nearby, and Google has two separate campuses a short distance away. Companies in Bellevue absolutely require a strong internet presence.

An online presence is vital to successful marketing in such a tech-oriented city. Companies need to have their information and services available in resources like Google Maps and social media. They need to take control of their Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and strive to be an early result on search services like Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

Marketing in Bellevue gives businesses exposure in a hotbed of tech talent with knack for thinking big. Being regarded as an excellent place to live has served the city well, and it continues to attract successful people and top companies.

In order to be successful marketing in Bellevue, businesses must develop their unique brand and online presence while cultivating their SEO. This will be a sound investment with guaranteed returns, giving them effective access to one of the wealthiest and fastest growing markets in the state.

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