5 great WordPress Plugins for 2012

When it comes to developing websites with WordPress, proper plugin selection is key to a smooth running website.  At Marketing Puget Sound, we have a few “go-to” plugins, hand picked to best suit a number of situations.  Here they are:

1. CMS Page Tree

WordPress is a fantastic content management system, but once you go beyond a few static pages, and start nesting content, it’s becomes difficult to quickly locate your pages and see their place in the overall hierarchy of content.  CMS Page Tree solves this problem by providing you with a “tree” view of your pages both in the dashboard, and in the pages menu.  A must have for multiple page sites.

2. Imsanity

Imsanity.  Just the name makes me smile.  This plugin is essential on websites that a client will eventually manage.  What it does is limit the size of images that can be uploaded into the media manager.  No more 4 megabyte DSC_09624_family_photo.png on the home page of your website!  It’ll even go through your existing media and trim the huge files down to size.  Yipee!  Oversized images are one of the biggest speed anchors you’ll find on a website.

3. Anti Spam Bee

Spam.  The bane of the WordPress installation.  Akismet is great premium plugin for filtering spam, but sometimes your client doesn’t want to invest in a paid solution.  That’s where the Anti Spam Bee comes in.  Stops spam, and goes easy on the pocketbook at the same time.  Free works for me!

4. Manage WP Worker

For managing multiple WordPress websites, nothing beats Manage WP.  It allows you access to every one of your installations from one dashboard.  Here are a couple of things you can do with it:

  • Update the wordpress core on every site you manage in one click
  • Update all of your plugins with one click across all of your domains
  • Batch install plugins on multiple sites at once
  • Batch add users to multiple sites at once
  • Clone WordPress installations
  • It also cooks dinner for you and washes your dishes.

Seriously.  This is one of the best services offered for multiple site management.  Get it now.

5. Advanced Custom Fields

Advanced custom fields turbocharges your wordpress admin and allows you access to a multitude of Custom field options.  Need to allow your users to add and manage testimonials?  No problem.  Custom content sliders? No Problem!  Need  more than just the wysiwyg editor on post/page edit screens?  Absolutely.  This plugin is a must-have for an intuitive user experience.

Well, that’s it!  Of course there are many great wordpress plugins we use, here are a couple more to check out:

All in One SEO

Self explanatory.  Manages site seo.


Robust site backup.  Send to dropbox?  Sign me up!

Custom Post Type UI

Ever wish you had a “products” post type?  How about “portfolio”?

Admin Menu Editor

Does anyone ever use the Links menu?  Want to make it go away?

Blog / April 18th, 2012



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